Strategic imperative 6

Engage and invest in our people and create a sustainable future

The Bell team brings our strategy to life every day, making an impact on how Canadians connect, work, learn and play as they deliver leading edge technology, develop compelling new content, and support our company and communities. We’re committed to providing growth opportunities for our 50,000 employees across the country and to foster a dynamic culture that creates a better today and tomorrow.

Creating a sustainable future

Reflecting our long-standing commitment to the highest ESG standards, we’re now embedding our focus on creating a more sustainable future directly into our six strategic imperatives. As one of Canada’s largest companies, we are driven to continually improve our impact and our contribution to society with our connectivity commitments, investments in mental health initiatives, environmental sustainability and an engaged workplace.

We are helping build better communities across the country, and contributing to Canada’s pandemic recovery and economic growth in every region. In 2021, we accelerated our investment to deliver broadband connectivity to Canadians in locations large and small. We’re donating refurbished computers, printers and other electronic devices to schools through the national Computers for Schools Plus program. And Bell’s capital expenditures in R&D of approximately $500 million annually includes support for university research in 5G, AI and cybersecurity, delivering a stream of new innovation to Canadian homes and businesses. Consistently named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers, Bell is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and plans to achieve carbon neutral operations by 2025.

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Across the country, almost 50,000 dedicated Bell employees are innovating, adapting and ensuring our customers have the best possible experience.

Bell’s evolving COVID-19 response

Throughout the COVID crisis, the team has consistently stepped up to provide critical support, connections and information for our customers, communities and each other. We continued to evolve our health and safety protocols in line with the latest public health guidance to protect everyone’s health and safety.

This included introducing Bell Workways, a flexible hybrid work model that provides the Bell team with more flexibility, collaboration and support in how and where it works, while continuing to deliver the best networks, services and content to Canadians everywhere. The program builds on the experiences of the pandemic, recognizing the team’s strong ability to adapt and deliver results as we move forward from the challenges of COVID-19.

Bell also adapted its COVID protocols throughout 2021, including enhanced health and safety measures in the field, retail stores and other Bell workplaces, prioritizing the well-being of our employees and communities, and developing a phased, adaptable plan for resuming more normal business operations.

Recognizing the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, Bell also continued to lead with enhanced workplace and community mental health supports, including significant investments in community mental health partnerships, and most recently adding to our programs and resources with unlimited mental health benefit coverage for team members and their eligible family members.

Throughout the COVID crisis, the Bell team has consistently stepped up to provide critical support, connections and information.
Throughout the COVID crisis, the Bell team has consistently stepped up to provide critical support, connections and information.

An inclusive workplace where everyone belongs

Bell is committed to enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion, understanding that different backgrounds, experiences and ideas create a positive work culture and lead to better outcomes. Bell continued to accelerate our work to create an inclusive, equitable and accessible workplace, building new partnerships and making new commitments for action.

In partnership with the Onyx Initiative, Bell welcomed its first cohort of Black students into its inaugural training and mentorship/coaching program, and continued to team up with the Black Professionals in Tech Network, Ascend Canada, Indigenous Works and Women in Tech to enhance the diverse representation in our workplace.

Working to address the mental health impacts of systemic racism, the Bell Let’s Talk Diversity Fund distributed $2.25 million in grants to 16 organizations since its launch in 2020, and continues to provide opportunities to groups performing vital work in their communities.

Bell also launched a company-wide accessibility program to make our products and services more accessible and ensure people with disabilities have equal opportunities through the use of advanced communication technologies.

Bell is committed to growing diversity, equity and inclusion at every level of the company, from student hiring to the BCE Board. A member of the 30% Club and a signatory to the Catalyst Accord 2022, Bell leads with more ambitious targets: we aim for a minimum 35% gender-diverse representation among directors on the BCE Board moving forward, and at least 35% of Bell leaders at the VP level and above by the end of 2023.

The 2021 launch of Bell for Better reinforced our long-term commitment to create better outcomes for all stakeholders, looking forward to the future with a purpose-driven approach to making our team, workplaces and communities even better.


A culture of recognition and growth

Committed to sustaining a high-performance culture, Bell enhanced programs that focus on continuous learning, including Bell’s Leadership Development Pathway and Bell U, a virtual university providing skill development opportunities in high-demand, technology-focused areas.

A new team recognition program called Better Together was launched with more engaging opportunities to highlight outstanding work, customer champions, great partnership, community difference makers, advocates for mental health and inclusion, and contributors to positive change and growth at Bell.

Bell also provided more meaningful opportunities for our next generation of leaders by investing in programs for recent graduates, interns and summer students. Our award-winning Graduate Leadership and Internship programs also help develop the leaders of tomorrow, with 1,355 new graduate and other students joining the company in 2021, including more BIPOC representation.


Leading employer with a focus on the future

Bell was again named an outstanding place to work, both nationally and in our headquarters city of Montréal, along with honours as a top employer for young people, one of Canada’s best diversity employers, and one of its greenest companies.

The 2021 launch of Bell for Better reinforced our long-term commitment to create better outcomes for all stakeholders, looking forward to the future with a purpose-driven approach to making our team, workplaces and communities even better.