Environmental challenges

Our most significant environmental issues are climate change, energy consumption, waste management, including electronic device recovery, and petroleum-product equipment management.

Of these topics, climate change, energy consumption, and electronic device recovery are made more complex because we have much less control over the factors which most influence the outcomes. Not only do our operations consume energy, but so does every device in a customer’s hands that connects to our network. As smartphones and other devices get smarter, they often consume more energy. In order to provide seamless access and faster service for these devices, we continue to expand our network coverage. This creates more waste as we replace outdated infrastructure with modern technology such as fibre optic cable. Similarly, customers are upgrading their devices more frequently today, creating a steady stream of e-waste. Since we sell this technology, we also recognize that we have an important role to play in minimizing the number of discarded devices sent to landfills. Keeping track of these issues takes a dynamic and responsive management system.

Bell’s petroleum storage tanks are essential to meeting our day-to-day needs for heating facilities and for our backup power generators. They are critical assets in emergencies, such as ice storms, when areas are without power for extended periods.

For more information on petroleum-product equipment management, see the Petroleum products equipment management information sheet under Key documents.