Using principles of the Integrated Reporting Framework, we have identified a holistic view of our value creation process. This view highlights the value we create for our stakeholders as the result of our business operations, guided by our strategic imperatives, and use of capitals. Our activities and initiatives relating to each capital are reported on the following pages.

Our strategy


BCE’s purpose is to advance how Canadians connect with each other and the world.

Through Bell for Better, we demonstrate our commitment to create a better world, better communities and a better workplace.

Every day, we are dedicated to advance our purpose and accelerate BCE’s transformation from a traditional telco to a tech services and media leader by executing on our six strategic imperatives:

Operating environment

We operate in an evolving environment influenced by trends and presenting business risks which we strive to manage under a strong governance model.

Our value creation model

Our networks

Reliable, accessible and affordable world-class broadband fibre and wireless networks.

Powering Canada’s prosperity

Connecting Canadians with world-leading technology to support Canada’s growth agenda, productivity and leadership in innovation.

Connected customers through strong trusted networks

SDG number 9 : Industry, innovation and infrastructure SDG number 17 : Partnerships for the goals

Our customers and relationships

Strong relationships with customers, communities and suppliers.

Enabling better experiences

Smart solutions and partnerships that champion customer experience and support community resiliency and growth.

Our products and services

Innovative and compelling products, services and media content addressing societal demands

Enhancing opportunities for Canadians

Providing the capabilities and tools for consumers and businesses to thrive and prosper.

Sustainable society

SDG number 11 : Sustainable cities and communities SDG number 12 : Responsible consumption and production SDG number 13 : Climate action

Our environment

Responsible environmental management throughout our operation

Contributions to environmental sustainability

Minimizing environmental impacts in our operations through ambitious actions toward mitigation and prevention.

Our People

Skilled, engaged and diverse team members.

An inclusive and engaged workforce

A workplace where team members know they can have an impact, immerse themselves in opportunities and feel like they belong.

Thriving team members

SDG number 3 : Good health and well-being SDG number 10 : Reduce inequalities

Our financial resources

Capital from our investors, returns on our investments and free cash flow generated from our operations.

Financial growth

Ongoing investment in our purpose and positive returns to our investors.

Investor returns and strong capital structure

SDG number 8 : Decent work and economic growth

Our value creation model incorporates the sustainable development goals (SDGs) from the United Nations (icons seen above under the value we create). To learn more about how we address SDGs, read the Bell’s ESG priorities section in Our corporate responsibility approach  information sheet.

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Operating Context

Organizational overview

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Operating Context
Organizational overview
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